Would you join me for dinner?

Absolutely. I'm a foodie at heart, and adore the intimacy of dinner dates. If you are traveling to New Orleans, I am happy to make suggestions or arrangements. I've listed a few of my favorite restaurants here


What should I have for you to drink?

I rarely drink alcohol, but appreciate sparkling water.


What else do you like?

Receiving massages, "making it rain" at the strip club, shopping, and theater! For more date ideas check this page


What’s your personality like?

I am an introvert, but am also naturally warm, engaging, and thoughtful. I am insatiably curious, and love exploring interests and ideas through conversation. I'm comfortable and happy curling up together in silence, swapping stories, or sharing our fantasies and desires. Many people have said they find me to be extremely kind and a little mysterious! 


How do you like to spend your free time?

As an adventurous spirit I am always seeking out new experiences. I am an avid traveler, and voracious reader. I love the outdoors and spend as much time as possible outside in the sun. Some of my interests are my two dogs, houseplants, hiking, and vegetarian cooking. If you'd like to take a peek into my life, check out my twitter @Audrey_Amour, instagram therealaudreyamour, and Switter  @audreyamour.


Do you offer incall or outcall?

I am available for outcall in all of New Orleans, and maintain a luxe, private incall walking distance from the French Quarter.


Do you see women?

Yes, absolutely! Trans and non-binary people are also welcome with me! I do not discriminate on the basis of sex or gender. 


Do you see clients of all races?

Yes! I never discriminate on the basis of race, color, or nationality. 


Can you travel to me?

Yes. I am available in all of New Orleans, Metairie, and the Westbank. For meetings requiring one hour or more of travel time  I require a 25% deposit and a small fee for travel.

I am also available for private domestic excursions. We must have met before and this is only available at my discretion. Please visit my travel page for more information. 

There is also a chance I’ll pass through your city while on tour. Check my schedule for travel updates and announcements here

Do you meet with couples?

Yes. I love meeting with couples. I typically recommend starting with a 90 minute appointment. This gives everyone plenty of time to get comfortable with one another!


I'm looking for fetish and kink play. What is off limits for you?

There are too many kinks to list everything I cannot entertain, but I am listing a few common requests below. 

  • playing the younger role in age play, including DD/lg

  • playing a submissive role, but I sometimes make exceptions for established friends and depending upon the fantasy

  • family play

I encourage you to openly communicate your desires to me! This helps ensure that we will be compatible and feel comfortable with one another. If you're interested in exploring kink with me, I recommend booking an initial coffee consultation. A relaxed coffee date is a great way to discuss and plan our session ahead of time. If you’re not able to discuss in person, I also welcome a phone call or video chat.


I would like to schedule a coffee date for screening. How does this work?

I am no longer accepting coffee dates in lieu of screening. However, I do love coffee dates for initial introductions! I encourage booking a coffee consultation as a relaxed way to gauge chemistry and get comfortable in person. Coffee consultations are $250, and I expect to be given my donation at the beginning of our date.


How should I give you your consideration?

Considerations should be put in an unsealed envelope and placed on the bathroom sink, table, or dresser. If we meet in public considerations should be discreetly given in a book, card, or small gift bag. I expect to be given my consideration at the beginning of our time together. Please do not make me ask for it. 


Can I extend our time together?

If my schedule allows, I am happy to extend our time. If you are going to ask to extend our date, please be sure to have the appropriate consideration on hand.  


Can I use you as a reference?

Yes. I am happy to provide a reference within one year of our last appointment. If you would like to use me as a reference, please give me a heads up beforehand. This helps ensure that I will respond as quickly as possible.