Long distance affair

Did we cross paths along our travels? Do you miss me already? I'm happy to continue our affair and indulge your appetite from afar, until the next time we can meet in person. 

Session offerings:

  • phone
  • video chat
  • text 
  • email
  • private selfies 

Rates and compensation methods for LDA sessions vary. My  rate for phone and/or video chat is $100 per 15 minutes. Phone and video chat sessions require a scheduled appointment date and time just as any other appointment would.  

Fly me to you

I delight in traveling and am available for private domestic excursions. For this kind of extended companionship, we must have met before and share a compatible connection. When inquiring about a private engagement, please include as many details about the trip as you can. This will help me give you an idea of what compensation you can expect to provide. Generally, the total rate for this kind of arrangement includes transportation costs, my accommodations, and considerations for my time. An advance deposit is also required upon booking our rendezvous.